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HAG Ultrasound Chair
Muvman Factory
Our Price: $599.00
Muvman Sit-Stand Stool
Our Price: $599.00
HAG Ultrasound Chair
Our Price: $868.70
Capisco Puls White Edition
Our Price: $665.80
For too long, the ergonomic seating needs for individuals working at elevated surfaces have taken a back seat to those at standard work stations.  Modern ergonomic design and comfort has been reserved for standard task chairs while the design of specialized drafting-height chairs have remained unchanged for years.  Many users have come to the simple conclusion that this is just an inconvenience that should be accepted.  

This is no longer the case as Ergo Depot has partnered with its manufacturers to offer our top-selling ergonomic chairs preconfigured for drafting applications.  All of these chairs feature the same great ergonomic benefits coupled with extended lift heights and footrings making them ideal for use at elevated work stations. One of the most popular ergonomic chairs in the world has now been customized to accommodate the needs of the drafter or designer working for extended periods at elevated surfaces.  The Freedom Drafting chair is available in several lift height and foot ring combinations to fit any work station.  The same adjustments and ergonomic design of the standard Freedom chair make this drafting chair an ideal solution.
We have taken Ergo Depot's top selling ergonomic chair and converted it to an ergonomic chair for drafting/design applications.  The 265mm lift and foot ring allow the user to comfortably work at an adjustable-height surface or drafting table while still experiencing all of the benefits of the saddle seat design of the HAG Capisco chair.