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LED Task Lighting

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Ergonomic task lighting is an extremely important part of a healthy, productive work environment that, unfortunately, is often given little thought. Excessive overhead lighting, in addition to wasting energy, can lead to glare on computer screens and printed materials. Often times people will contort themselves into very un-ergonomic positions to try to minimize the discomfort. The right task light can help alleviate eye strain, headaches and even have a positive effect on mood - all while saving on energy costs. Proper task lighting becomes much more important as our eyes age, especially for precision work. See below for more information

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Humanscale Horizon LED light Koncept Equo LED Task Lamp Humanscale Element 790 Light
Humanscale Horizon LED Light
Our Price: $399.00
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Koncept Equo LED Task Lamp
Our Price: $198.00
Humanscale Element 790 Light
Our Price: $309.00
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Humanscale Element Vision LED Light Humanscale Element Disc LED Light Koncept Mosso LED Task Lamp
Humanscale Element Vision LED Light
Our Price: $339.99
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Humanscale Element Disc LED Light
Our Price: $359.00
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Koncept LED Z Bar Task Light
Koncept LED Z Bar Task Light
Our Price: $234.00
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Tono LED Lamp
Our Price: $550.00
Equo LED Floor Lamp
Our Price: $269.00
Z Bar LED Floor Lamp
Our Price: $324.00

Workplace Lighting Issues:

  • Eyestrain is the number one health-related complaint of office workers.
  • The biggest lighting issue facing office workers today is that most offices are lit exclusively with overhead lights, which evenly illuminate the entire workplace - walls, desktops, floors, cabinets, etc. The problem with this approach is that different users and different tasks require different amounts of light.
  • One of the most common office tasks, reading a paper-based document, requires four to five times more light than does viewing a monitor.

The Human Benefits of Task Lighting:

  • Right amount of light for each user and each task.
  • Reduced glare.
  • Reduced incidence of Computer Vision Syndrome.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Improved mood/energy levels.

The Economic Benefits of Task Lighting:

  • When retrofitting the lighting in an office, the general illuminance can be reduced if task lighting is implemented properly into the overall design. The result can be significant energy savings and improved visibility for workers.

Humanscale Element Light

The Element task light is truly a game changer in the world of LED lighting. Every shortcoming of earlier generations of LED lights has been conquered in a major way. Remember the multiple rows of tiny LEDs emitting that strange alien autopsy blue light? Well, those are long gone. The Humanscale Element task light uses a single LED bulb which casts a single shadow and allows for a large footprint of pure white 3500 K illumination.

The Element also has functional and cool-looking heat dispersing fins that keep it cool to the touch and make it much more likely that the bulb will last its full 60,000 hour life. If the bulb ever does stop working, it can be easily replaced. Go Element!

The Humanscale Element would also make Mother Earth smile. It consumes just seven watts of power, the equivalent to a couple of Christmas tree lights, and is constructed primarily of recycled aluminum and is 99% recyclable to make it one of the most environmentally friendly task lights on the market today.

Koncept z-Bar Light Series

Koncept's z-Bar LED task lamp delivers award-winning design in an eco-friendly and highly-adjustable LED light for your home or office. With knobless adjustability and a 42" extension, the Koncept z-Bar LED task lamp is one of the most versatile in the industry.

ESI LED Task lamps

Whether the ESI LED-Omega task lamp, or the ESI Full Spectrum LED lamp, ESI offers a powerful and environmentally friendly task lamp option for your workspace.