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HAG Capisco Chair HAG Capisco Puls Thatsit Balans w/ back by Varier
HAG Capisco Chair
Our Price: $856.10
HAG Capisco Puls
Our Price: $746.90
Sale Price: $649.00
HAG H04 Credo HAG H05 Chair HAG Conventio Wing Chair
HAG H04 Credo Chair
Our Price: $765.10
HAG H05 Chair
Our Price: $816.20
Sale Price: $599.00
HAG Conventio Wing
Our Price: $299.00
Variable balans by Varier HAG H09 Inspiration Chair Humanscale Freedom Chair
Variable Balans by Varier
Our Price: $425.00
HAG H09 Inspiration Chair
Our Price: $1,141.70
Humanscale Freedom Headrest Special Order
Our Price: $999.00
Call for our best price!
Humanscale Diffrient World Chair HAG Capisco Puls Stool 8001 Humanscale Freedom Chair
Humanscale World Chair Quick Ship
Our Price: $869.00
Call for our best price!
HAG Capisco Puls Stool
Our Price: $352.80
Sale Price: $299.00
Humanscale Freedom with Headrest - Quick ship
Our Price: $1,049.00
Call for our best price!
Humanscale Diffrient World Chair Humanscale Liberty Chair Humanscale Liberty Chair
Humanscale World Chair Custom
Our Price: $649.00
Call for our best price!
Humanscale Liberty Chair Quick Ship
Our Price: $949.00
Call for our best price!
Humanscale Liberty Chair Special Order
Our Price: $799.00
Call for our best price!

Ergo Depot offers a full line of quality ergonomic task chairs. These task chairs allow the user to work comfortably while providing the support needed to address many of the common repetitive motion ailments experienced by today's office worker.

The advanced research and ergonomic designs provide many adjustments and options that allow the user to customize the chair and its features to a varying range of body types.

These chairs range from the traditional seat and back of the Humanscale Freedom chair to the advanced saddle chair design of the HAG Capisco chair to the kneeling principles of the Peter Opsvik-designed Balans kneeling chairs. Whether you are looking to revamp an entire work space or simply upgrade your home office, the experts at Ergo Depot are here to help you choose the right ergonomic chair for your application.

Traditional styling

Humanscale has designed some of the most advanced ergonomic chairs of the last decade. With a focus on research and development Humanscale has positioned itself as one of the top ergonomic seating manufacturers in the world. Featured in numerous television series and movies, Humanscale has also become a favorite of Hollywood set designers. The Humanscale Freedom chair anchors the Humanscale line with a Freedom task chair and the Freedom chair with headrest.

The Humanscale Liberty chair is one of the most complete ergonomic chairs on the market, offering unlimited design and support with minimal adjustments. Also, the soon-to-be-released Humanscale Diffrient World chair promises to further Humanscale's position as one of the most environmentally considerate seating manufacturers on the market.

HAG burst into cult popularity with the Signet chair featured in the bridge of the Starship Enterprise from the original Star Trek series. Moving forward HAG has become one of the most popular seating lines in Europe. With the introduction of the HAG H09 series, the extremely popular HAG Credo chair (H04 chair), and the HAG H05, HAG has been gaining popularity in the United States. The recent launch of the HAG Futu chair has helped to bring light to HAG's advanced ergonomic designs.

Neutral Posture is the most customizable line of seating offered at Ergo Depot. The NPS series of chairs offers specifications that can customize a chair to fit nearly any user. We realize that trying to specify options for Neutral Posture seating can be quite overwhelming, especially when working with an online retailer. Please do not hesitate to contact the experts at Ergo Depot to further discuss the ergonomic seating options offered by Neutral Posture.

Izzy Design, also known as Izzy+, offers a wide range of ergonomic seating options. Many of these ergonomic chairs are an economic alternative to some of our higher-end ergonomic seating. These chairs offer some of the same great ergonomic design with slightly scaled features, such as nylon bases instead of aluminum or shelled backs rather than fully upholstered options.

Alternative task seating

One of the fastest growing markets in ergonomic seating is that of alternative seating. By this we mean chair designs that challenge the conventional Western seating style that has become the standard in most work places. Rather than a traditional flat front and back, these ergonomic chairs may have a saddle seat, altered back, or no back at all! These chairs promote movement and variation throughout the day and include the HAG Capisco chair, the Humanscale Saddle seat, Salli and Bamback saddle chairs, and the Varier Balans kneeling chair line. Through these designs and movement users experience increased blood flow throughout the body leading to heightened awareness and higher productivity.

The original saddle chair design is that of Peter Opsvik and the Capisco chair. The saddle seat was inspired by horseback riders who can ride all day without becoming fatigued. Research has shown that this position, open angle at the hips with feet in front of the user, allow the spine to "stack" naturally. This position reduces fatigue and common injuries experienced through extended seating. The HAG Capisco chair is joined by the Salli saddle chair, the Bamback saddle chair, the Humanscale Saddle seat, and the Varier Move stool.

The kneeling position has been popular for many years and has only recently been viewed as an acceptable style of seating in the office. Early forms of kneeling chairs were used in prayer and have evolved to the task-oriented kneeling chairs we see today. Peter Opsvik's Balans chair designs were the first to bring the kneeling chair into popular use. Like the saddle designs, the kneeling chairs allow the spine to "stack" into a natural curve while alleviating the pressure on the spinal column created in traditional chairs. The Varier Balans chairs feature wooden runners while the HAG Balans has a traditional base with casters. Now that HAG Balans chair has been discontinued, Peter Opsvik has released a statement naming the Varier Wing Balans chair as the most logical and closely-related replacement available.