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HAG Capisco Chair HAG Capisco Puls HAG H04 Credo
HAG Capisco Chair
Our Price: $856.10
HAG Capisco Puls
Our Price: $746.90
Sale Price: $649.00
HAG H04 Credo Chair
Our Price: $765.10
HAG H05 Chair Capisco Puls Lab Chair HAG Conventio Wing Chair
HAG H05 Chair
Our Price: $816.20
Sale Price: $599.00
Capisco Puls Lab Chair
Our Price: $746.90
Sale Price: $649.00
HAG Conventio Wing
Our Price: $299.00
HAG H09 Inspiration Chair HAG Ultrasound Chair HAG Capisco Stool
HAG H09 Inspiration Chair
Our Price: $1,141.70
HAG Ultrasound Chair
Our Price: $868.70
HAG Capisco Stool
Our Price: $397.60
HAG H09 Excellence HAG Capisco Puls Stool 8001
Capisco Puls White Edition
Our Price: $665.80
HAG H09 Excellence Chair
Our Price: $1,908.90
HAG Capisco Puls Stool
Our Price: $352.80
Sale Price: $299.00
HAG H05 Communication HAG H04 Communication HAG Balans Chair
HAG H05 Communication
Our Price: $371.70
HAG H04 Communication
Our Price: $415.10

HAG Seating

The focus and design inspiration for all HAG seating is movement.  The human body was designed to move, not to sit still, yet we can spend nearly 80% of our waking hours seated in the same, static position for hours on end.  With this in mind HAG has developed seating that promotes natural body movement throughout the day. 

HAG is Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of ergonomic office seating and currently ranks in the top five office furniture providers in Europe.  With an ever-growing popularity in the United States, HAG first made a splash with the Signet chair made famous in Star Trek.  Featured in the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, the HAG Signet became a design icon and was a stepping stone for HAG's introduction and growth in the United States.  Now replaced by the H09 series, the compelling design characteristics of the HAG Signet have grown into one of the most well-respected ergonomic seating lines in the world.

HAG Balans chair

The HAG Balans chair features the original Peter Opsvik design of the kneeling chair.  Extended periods of sitting in the traditional style places large amounts of pressure on the spinal column and can lead to numerous aches and pains.  The kneeling chair offers an alternative style of sitting that displaces body weight and helps to relieve pressure on the spinal column.  The HAG Balans kneeling chair can be used as full-time seating option or as a second chair used in intervals throughout the day.

HAG Capisco chair

With a saddle seat design and increased standard lift height, the HAG Capisco chair is the ultimate in ergonomic design.  The saddle seat of the Capisco chair is designed to open the angle at the hips to promote movement and circulation.  Promoting numerous seating positions and actively supporting through each change of posture, the Capisco saddle chair defines the term "active sitting".  The increased activity and blood flow experienced by users can be a main factor in improved concentration and productivity.  Italian for "I understand," the HAG Capisco chair does just that.

HAG Futu chair

The HAG Futu the most recent introduction to HAG's ergonomic line of chairs.  With the all-new inBalance seating mechanism and FutuKnit upholstery, the Futu chair is the future of ergonomic seating.  Integrated controls make this sleek chair appealing to the eyes as well as the rest of the body.  Mesh backs have been a popular trend in ergonomic seating but these can still be rigid and uncomfortable.  The stretched FutuKnit upholstery on the Futu's back reduces pressure points these pressure points and still provides the support expected from an ergonomic chair.  With these new introductions there is still the essential ergonomic adjustments of the lumbar support and arm height.

HAG H04 Credo chair

The HAG H04 Credo chair places advanced ergonomic design in a more traditional style of seating.  Utilizing the HAG balanced movement mechanism and manual adjustments, the Credo chair can be adjusted to fit a large range of users.  The HAG H04 is one of the most popular ergonomic office chairs in Europe and is an ideal fit for any office environment. The HAG H04 Communication is a companion side chair to the H04 Credo chair.

HAG H05 chair

"Ergonomic task chair" - this is the simple description of the HAG H05 chair.  All of the benefits of HAG quality and ergonomic design in a traditional style that can be customized to fit nearly 95% of the population.  The HAG H05 features optional SwingBack arms that allow the user to get closer to the desk or work surface.  By allowing the user to be closer to tasks and still supporting the body, the HAG H05 aids in the prevention of repetitive motion injuries caused by continuous reaching.  The side chair model for the HAG H05 is the H05 Communication.

HAG H09 series

The HAG H09 series replaces the classic HAG Signet chair.  This series of ergonomic chairs is the flagship for HAG seating.  The HAG H09 family includes the H09 Excellence chair, the H09 Inspiration chair, and the H09 Communication side chair.  This line of chair offers high-end executive design and style with all of the benefits of HAG's ergonomic design.  Adjustable lumbar support and folding arms coupled with optional Elmo Soft leather creates one of the most luxurious ergonomic seating experiences on the market today.

HAG Wing chair

After sitting in the HAG Wing a user may forget to mention that the seat and back are plastic.  It's that comfortable.  Of course an upholstered seat and back are available, but why?  Ideal for dorm rooms to conference rooms, the HAG Wing offers the best value of any ergonomic chair on the market today.