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Monitor Arm Subcategories:

  • Multi-arm systems for multiple displays
  • Laptop arm systems
  • LCD Articulating Monitor Arms

    Adjustable monitor arms allow users to easily adjust their monitors to the angle, height, and distance that is most appropriate for their comfort and individual task. Whether you are entering data, researching, or working with others, a correctly adjusted monitor arm can lead to increased productivity while decreasing fatigue and muscle soreness.

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    J2 Affordable Monitor Arm J2 Laptop Arm
    J2 Monitor Arm
    Our Price: $109.00
    J2 Dual Monitor Arm
    Our Price: $199.00
    J2 Laptop Arm
    Our Price: $148.00
    ESI Edge-Combo Monitor Arm ESI Edge Monitor Arm ESI Edge-MAX  Monitor Arm
    ESI Edge-Combo
    Our Price: $477.60
    ESI Edge Monitor Arm
    Our Price: $204.60
    ESI Edge Monitor Arm - Dual Mount ESI Edge-MAX  Monitor Arm Humanscale M2 flat panel monitor arm
    ESI Edge MAX Dual Mount
    Our Price: $461.40
    Humanscale M2 flat panel monitor arm
    Our Price: $239.00
    Call for our best price!
    Humanscale M8 flat panel monitor arm Humanscale M8 flat panel monitor arm with crossbar
    Humanscale M8 flat panel monitor arm
    Our Price: $379.00
    Call for our best price!
    ESI Edge Notebook Holder
    Our Price: $303.00
    Humanscale L6 Notebook Manager ESI Edge Wall Mount
    ESI Edge Wall Mount
    Our Price: $204.60

    LCD Monitor Arms

    These award-winning LCD monitor arms feature effortless adjustment, perfect stability and sleek aesthetics, and can be configured for any workstation, including applications requiring multiple monitors. Most LCD monitors have a "footprint" that can waste valuable space on today's increasingly smaller workstations. By raising the unit off the desk using a monitor arm this valuable space is opened, giving the user a clear surface to perform tasks directly in front of them. The ability to utilize this space prevents the user from straining and reaching to performing tasks in awkward positions.

    LCD monitor arms also allow the user to adjust a screen in nearly any direction, angle, or depth, according to their individual needs or according to unique aspects of their workstation. No more eye straining to read a screen that is too deep on a desk and no more neck and shoulder aches from working at a monitor that may be too high or low. An adjustable LCD monitor arms can be customized to increase the comfort and productivity of any workstation.

    Humanscale Adjustable LCD Monitor Arms

    Humanscale offers the highest quality monitor arms available on the market. These arms feature finger-tip adjustability and sleek ergonomic design. The traditional M4 and M7 monitor arm are available in many common configurations to accommodate nearly any work space. The new Humanscale M2 monitor arm is the most advanced design available. This monitor arm is a single-configuration solution for monitors weighing up to 21lbs.

    ESI Monitor Arms

    Style meets value with the ESI Ergonomics LCD monitor arms. By coupling design with ergonomics, ESI brings a fresh new look to the LCD monitor arm category. The ESI Edge LCD monitor arm folds away to just 3.5" from your wall, and extends 21". The ESI Kalibur LCD monitor arm accommodates the majority of LCD monitors on the market, boasting easy ergonomic adjustment of LCD monitors up to 33lbs.

    Monitor Arms

    M2 Monitor Arm by Humanscale

    LCD Monitor Arms
    LCD Monitor Arms