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Kneeling Chairs

Ergo Depot is the web's foremost authority on kneeling chairs. From the original Peter Opsvik designs of the HAG Balans kneeling chair and the Varier Variable kneeling chair to the advanced designs of the Gravity Balans and the Thatsit Balans, no other dealer understands the kneeling chair and its benefits like Ergo Depot. Though discontinued, the HAG Balans remains one of the most popular kneeling chairs in the world. Based on the same Peter Opsvik design and known as "The Original Kneeling Chair", the Varier Variable Balans kneeling chair has made a charge to the head of the pack. The Varier Wing Balans chair's design is the closest to that of the HAG Balans and features an adjustable knee pad. Contact Ergo Depot with any of your questions regarding kneeling chairs.

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Gravity Balans by Varier Thatsit Balans w/ back by Varier Variable balans by Varier
Gravity Balans by Varier
Our Price: $2,595.00
Variable Balans by Varier
Our Price: $425.00
Multi Balans by Varier HAG Balans Chair
Multi Balans by Varier
Our Price: $779.00

Kneeling chairs have been a popular form of ergonomic seating since the 1970's but the actual concept of a kneeling position for sitting has been around much longer. For centuries, seiza benches have been used by Tibetan monks during extended periods of meditation. Kneeling has also been one of the most popular positions for many prayer rituals. The kneeling position allows the angle at the hips to be increased, helping to alleviate pressure on the spine and increase blood flow throughout the body.

The Danish surgeon Dr. A.C. Mandal was the first to report the potential benefits of a kneeling position. He found that many users, including school children, would lean forward in their seat for comfort and to reduce back pain. He concluded that a forward-angled seat would allow the spine to slip into a natural curve and promote the best posture.

The design of today's kneeling chairs have been influenced by Hans Christian Mengshoel, J. Harding Vowles, and Peter Gillings, Jr. Responsible for bringing the kneeling chair into widespread use, Peter Opsvik created the popular Balans kneeling chair designs popular around the world. These designs include the HAG Balans kneeling chair, the Varier Thatsit kneeling chair, the Stokke Gravity Balans, and, "The Original Kneeling Chair", the Varier Variable Balans. For more information on early designs and history of the kneeling chair please see the "Evolution of Kneeling Chairs" article at www.kneelingchairs.com.au.

Varier seating offers several different models of kneeling chairs. All of these models were designed by Peter Opsvik and are based on his original Balans chair designs. Varier is formerly known as Stokke and features the highest quality construction and workmanship found in any kneeling chair on the market. Ergo Depot stocks the largest selection of Varier seating in North America.

Variable Balans kneeling chair

Known as "the Original Kneeling Chair", the Varier Variable Balans features two wooden runners rather than a castered base. These runners were included in the very first sketches of the Balans kneeling design and allow the user support in many seating positions.

Wing Balans kneeling chair

The Varier Wing Balans kneeling chair features a 5-star base with casters making it an ideal ergonomic solution for use at a desk or in an office. Nearly identical to the extremely popular HAG Balans chair, the Wing Balans chair has been deemed the perfect alternative for anyone searching for the now-discontinued HAG model. The Varier Wing Balans kneeling chair features an adjustable knee pad to accommodate users of varying heights.

Thatsit Balans

The Thatsit Balans chair sits on runners similar to that of the Variable Balans chair. The Thatsit balans also features an adjustable seat and knee pad. Also available with a back, the Thatsit Balans kneeling chair is a great option for users expecting to spend extended periods of time in their kneeling chair.

Gravity Balans

Also known as a "zero gravity chair", the Varier Gravity Balans chair offers the utmost comfort and support in several very different seating positions. The chair can be used upright as a kneeling chair or reclined to several postions ideal for reading, resting, and napping. The Varier Gravity Balans chair is one of the most comfortable chairs in which you will ever sit.

Multi Balans kneeling chair

The Varier Multi Balans features the same angled seat and knee pads as the other Varier kneeling chairs. The Multi has several notched height adjustments to accommodate users of varying heights. Another great feature of the Varier Multi kneeling chair is that it can easily be collapsed for storage or transport.