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Sit-Stand Seating

Sit to stand chairs for your adjustable-height desk.
Trust us, you'll love working this way.

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HAG Capisco Chair HAG Capisco Puls
HAG Capisco Chair
Our Price: $856.10
Muvman Factory
Our Price: $599.00
HAG Capisco Puls
Our Price: $746.90
Move Stool by Varier
Move Stool by Varier
Our Price: $475.00
Move Tilt with Wheels
Our Price: $575.00
Bambach Saddle Seat
ILOA Saddle Chair
Our Price: $495.00
Sale Price: $399.00
Muvman Sit-Stand Stool
Our Price: $599.00
Bambach Saddle Seat
Our Price: $780.00
Capisco Puls Lab Chair Salli Swing and Swing Fit Salli MultiAdjuster Saddle Stool
Capisco Puls Lab Chair
Our Price: $696.50
Salli Swing
Our Price: $1,020.00
HAG Capisco Puls Stool 8001 Bambach Saddle Seat
Locus Seat by Focal
Our Price: $715.00
HAG Capisco Puls Stool
Our Price: $352.80

As part of our commitment to healthy working, we have brought to market a line of progressive ergonomic, healthy sitting chairs and stools. These products perfectly complement our sit-stand desk line, but are great options for those who work at a fixed-height work station and want to take advantage of healthy sitting options. The main feature that makes each of these sit-stand seating options a true healthy sitting choice is the way that they uniquely encourage movement.

The HAG Capisco chair is one of the most well-known healthy sitting chairs on the market. It is a pioneer in the industry in that the micro-movement mechanism has been encouraging active sitting for decades. The Capisco Puls and original Capisco both feature a saddle seat in addition to a back and casters making it a natural transition from your current office chair to a more healthy sitting option.

Newer selections, such as the Muvman sit-stand stool and Swopper chair offer dynamic seating in a more low-profile approach. Many people find that when they are sitting in a more healthy posture (pelvis tilted forward and with an open hip angle) the back of the chair becomes unnecessary. After all, your lumbar support should come from your spine, not your chair. These healthy sitting stools offer a fun and almost springy pneumatic lift that keeps you moving throughout the day. Active sitting engages core muscles, adding strength to help your back support you without relying on a backrest.

The key to healthy sitting is the ability to move throughout your day. While we would always encourage people take a break from sitting and walk around when possible, chairs like the Varier Move stool, Capisco, Muvman, and the others featured in our sit-stand chair category are focused on active and healthy sitting.