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Gravity Balans by Varier Thatsit Balans w/ back by Varier Move Stool by Varier
Gravity Balans by Varier
Our Price: $2,595.00
Move Stool by Varier
Our Price: $520.00
Variable balans by Varier Actulum by Varier
Move Tilt with Wheels
Our Price: $599.00
Sale Price: $399.00
Variable Balans by Varier
Our Price: $425.00
Actulum by Varier
Our Price: $675.00
Multi Balans by Varier Move II by Varier
Multi Balans by Varier
Our Price: $779.00
Move II by Varier
Our Price: $520.00

Varier seating offers a wide range of ergonomic chairs specifically designed to promote movement and variation. At the core of many of these Varier pieces are the designs of Peter Opsvik. From the original Variable Balans kneeling chair to the Gravity Balans chair, the idea that the body is designed to move and not sit still has driven these unique designs and helped to pioneer the active sitting movement.

Originally known as Stokke, the Varier product offering includes the original Balans Kneeling chair by Stokke, which is know the Variable Balans chair. Many of the same seating designs, products, and production techniques, used at Stokke are still applied by Varier.

Variable Balans chair

The original kneeling chair designed by Peter Opsvik. Formerly know as the Stokke Balans kneeling chair, the Variable Balans helps to relieve pressure on the spinal column by diverting weight to the knees. The wooden runners of the Variable Balans keep the body supported while performing tasks and they also provide natural movement throughout the day. A backrest is also available to provide additional comfort for those using the Variable Balans kneeling chair for extended periods of time.

Thatsit Balans chair

Expanding on the idea of the kneeling chair, the Thatsit Balans chair offers many of the same benefits of the Variable. Wooden runners support the body while the kneeling posture helps alleviate spinal column pressure. The Thatsit Balans also provides adjustable knee pads and a padded back for comfort during extended use.

Wing Balans chair

The Wing Balans offers a base and casters that make this kneeling chair design very popular in offices. Still focused on the same Peter Opsvik designs, the Wing Balans features adjustable knee pads and a pneumatic seat adjustment. The Wing Balans kneeling chair is ideal for offices and can be used as a standard task chair or as an alternative seating solution throughout the day.

Multi Balans chair

Another classic design of the kneeling chair. The Varier Multi Balans has three height adjustments and can easily be folded and stored in a closet or corner of a room. This design also allows the chair to be easily transported between different locations or work stations.

Gravity Balans chair

The Varier Gravity Balans chair offers one of the most unique designs of any ergonomic chair on the market. Unlike any other chair, the Zero Gravity Balans chair has numerous seating positions and uses. Positioned fully forward the kneeling positions allows the user to perform tasks at a desk. The middle position is a comfortable chair to relax and read a book. And, our favorite, fully reclined the Gravity Balans provides the comfort and support needed to truely experience a "power nap".

The Move stool

A saddle seat like no other. The saddle design allows opens the angle of the hips which improves circulation and keeps the user's feet firmly on the floor in front of them. This, coupled with the rounded platform base, provides support and freedom with each movement. Varier offers three versions of the move: the standard Move stool for the average adult user, the Move II for smaller adults or adolescents, and the Move Small specifically designed for children.