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Swopper Classic by aeris Swopper by aeris
Swopper Classic
Our Price: $699.00
Swopper Air by aeris
Our Price: $899.00
Swopper Made-to-Order
Our Price: $739.00
Swopper with Wheels
Our Price: $799.00
VIA Swopper

Who said sitting couldn't be fun?! The VIA Swopper challenges the notion that the only way to sit is in the rigid right-angle forced on users by traditional chairs.  Break the boring, static rut that we fall in every time we slide behind our desks.  The Swopper stool will help energize your work day through movement and support... not to mention it is just flat out FUN!

Also known as a button stool, the VIA Swopper features a cushioned seat over a height-adjustable lift and cushioned spring.  The specially designed base provides full support through a wide range of multi-directional movements while.  This unique combination of features provides a never-ending list of benefits.  Not only is sitting in the Swopper fun, IT'S GOOD FOR YOU! 

Through the natural promotion of movements the Swopper helps to strengthen core abdominal and back muscles while improving seated posture.  The unique seating style of the Swopper increases circulation throughout the body and helps to reduce pooling in the lower extremities.  This improved circulation also provides nourishment to the intervertabral discs essentially "oiling" the spine and providing relief for back pain.

The Swopper is now available with a back and a castered base making it more convenient for use in the office and for longer periods of sitting.  Contact the experts at Ergo Depot today to further discuss the benefits and to customize your Swopper chair today!